About us

Indo Coco Story is a Company that has been trusted by hundreds of Farmers and Production Company in Indonesia, to introduce The Greatness of Product Made in Indonesia, To the World !!!

We Bringing The Goodness of Indonesia Coconut Product to The World !!!

Our Mission is to get The World Recognise how Good The Product made in Indonesia.

From The Farmers, To the World !!!

Our Product


100% Coconut, No Coloring, made from Coconut from Indonesia that already selected with High Standard to make The Top Quality of Desiccated Coconut from Indonesia.


Pure and high grade Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO Indonesia), processed by centrifugal machine, 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, no Chemical added, No Coloring.


Pure Coconut Oil From Indonesia Obtained from Refined, bleached with bleaching earth, activated carbon, and further deodorized by steam. From Coconut that grew in Indonesia, process with High Technology to give you Best Quality of Coconut Cooking Oil from Indonesia.


Natural sweetener made by boiling sap from male palm tree flower bunches. No preservative, Hygenic, Clean and Good for Health. Coconut Sugar Indonesia

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Our Body is Our Temple

Meaning the body should be treated well. Living by this Value, We Only Selected The Top Quality Product, which has meet Our High Standards and Verified by Our Quality Control Teams to sell on the market.



Customer Satisfaction is our top Priority ! With Commitment, Integrity and Respect, We Ensure Customers Satisfaction in every Process on Our Business.



We believe by maintaing the relationship between Our Teams, Our Customers, and Our Partners will grow as much as Loyaltiness in our Company. Let's Grow Together !!!

Our Values

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